Technology & Innovation

As industry leaders, we’ve made strategic investments in pioneering technology, exemplified by the launch of “MapTrak 2.0,” the first electronic software in our sector. This innovative platform serves as a digital and user-friendly cloud solution, seamlessly transforming transportation and air freight delivery for both Wymap Transport and our esteemed customers.

“MapTrak 2.0” is designed to enhance customer confidence, ensure consistency in reporting, provide traceability of cargo movements, and offer a user-friendly interface. Its implementation yields significantly improved visibility, operational control, and governance for both Wymap Transport and our clients.

MapTrak Software on a laptop and a mobile
Wymap MapTrak

This program represents a substantial digital transformation for our business, incorporating new technologies that contribute to environmental sustainability by embracing a paperless approach (utilizing electronic timesheets, run sheets, proofs of delivery, invoices, and notifications). Moreover, it promotes transparency within Wymap Transport and for our customers. Additionally, “MapTrak 2.0” supports our commitment to fatigue management, streamlining business processes through automation, thereby driving operational performance and optimisation.

“MapTrak 2.0” allows for the recording of essential cargo information, including Air Waybill Numbers, ULD Numbers, Units Loaded, Weights, Loading/Unloading Timestamps and Digital Damage Reports delivered to customer prior to truck arrival.

It has been successfully implemented and is fully operational across all Wymap Group locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland, New Zealand.

MapTrak was 1st implemented to in 2011 to help reduce the continual communication between Customer and Allocators. By showing live up to date status of loading and with estimated delivery times provided planning information needed for final delivery and warehouse acceptance. A further function of MapTrak was the electronic run sheets that provided electronic data feed reducing the customers need for a physical person entering freight data recovery. This saved the customer 1.5 FTE heads ensuring cost savings and more productivity all round.

Wymap continues to invest in technology solutions for our customers.
Further developments are coming soon.