Wymap New Zealand

Wymap Group Aotearoa is the leading provider of Transport Solutions for the Aviation Logistics industry in New Zealand. We specialise in handling and transporting services tailored to the unique needs of the airfreight, airport, and airline sectors, both locally and nationwide.

Here at Wymap Group, our dedication to customer service and safety is paramount. With our “Make It Happen” Kiwi spirit and state-of-the-art technology, we guarantee efficiency and dependability across all our operations, solidifying our position as the preferred partner in the ever-changing realm of aviation transport and Logistics.

Wymap Transport

At the heart of our extensive offerings, Wymap Transport, a distinguished arm of Wymap Group, steers a robust commercial of vehicles and trailers. This ensures the safe and timely delivery of goods, reflecting our dedication to top-tier performance in every transport mission.

Our broad spectrum of capabilities represents our pledge to professionalism and excellence in the logistics arena.

Air Freight and Express Transport
  • On-airport efficiency, working at/on airport premises for streamlined access to your freight.
  • Specialisation in international airfreight, including all aircraft until load devices, facilitated by our roller system ensuring safe handling of freight.
  • Lodgement and recovery services designed for precision and efficiency
  • Aviation Identification Card (AIC) ensuring that our drivers all have background screening
  • Airside Driver Permits (ADP) and Airside Vehicle permits (AVP) registered and accredited to perform activities on tarmac (Airside)
  • Catering to Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Shipments, express freighter handling, and specialising in urgent shipments that significantly impact organisations.
Air Freight Transport
Temperature Controlled Freight Transport
  • Expertise in freight, encompassing temperature-controlled 2-8 degrees, perishable items, and pharmaceuticals. Our refrigerated fleet is equipped with temperature tracking for precise handling.
Specialised and Charter Transport
  • Specialised no-tilt cargo handling. We excel in transporting engines, medical equipment, helicopters, and even live large or exotic animals, showcasing the care and training to handle your specialized cargo with precision
  • Expertise in managing charter and outsize freight movements with precision.
Airside Operations
  • Wymap has been servicing Airside security functions since 2000
  • Wymap Group has the necessary licenses and accreditations to facilitate all transportation and activities on all Airports across Australia and New Zealand. 
  • Wymap can support many airside functions including:
    • AOG (Aircraft on ground)
    • Engine parts
    • Airline Store deliveries
    • Interstore security deliveries
Charter and Oversized Freight Movements

Why Choose
Wymap Transport NZ?

We take immense pride in delivering tailor-made client services and solutions across New Zealand.

At Wymap Transport, our role as trusted service providers holds paramount importance. We forge connections with industry experts, prioritising safety and unparalleled customer service.

Our contribution is integral to our clients, specialising in ensuring swift and scalable product delivery across New Zealand’s diverse landscapes. Through effective leadership, strategic planning, and thorough coordination, we uphold control and responsibility at every turn. This commitment ensures seamless alignment with our shared long-term vision.


Using Wymap for our ULD and loose cargo transport around the airport has been a fantastic move for our business, the use of technology and ease of contact has ensured on time delivery for our cargo 7 days a week, the entire Wymap team have been phenomenal to deal with.