Bailey Personnel - August 2013

2012 was a growth year with the formal establishment of our Permanent Recruitment Services in NSW, QLD and VIC. Additionally; all of offices our now sharing premises with our Secure Logistics Depots which as Recruiters and suppliers of on call labour hire staff, further arms us to absolutely guarantee our staff as being suitably work ready for our client base. Not many agencies have their own trucks and forklifts parked next to the interview room, which enables us to complete Verification of Competency and ensure our staff can capably and safely operate. Additionally; by trialling them in our own facilities we are able to observe and assess one of the most important factors when bringing staff onto your team – their attitude and work ethic.
2013 is a year of legislative change, learning and compliance. The Superannuation Guarantee Levy commenced its steady increase as of July. We will be seeing changes to the Privacy Legislation - what information can be shared relative to our candidates, workers and clients, how that information is stored and the manner in which it is used. Migration Compliance Laws are also making an impression on our market space. We will ensure we keep you well informed on what we believe to beneficial or of interest in relation to these matters and look forward to Consulting with you in line with your Casual or Permanent Recruitment needs..
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